The opposite of movement is stagnation, nothing survives in a stagnant environment

No matter what school of thought you follow, you cannot argue that humans are designed to move. We are made up of so many moving parts and systems; electricity as energy runs throughout our body, neurons and impulses and chemical reactions. When you really stop to think about it the human body is amazing and miraculous.

 We need movement

Movement is crucial to how we function throughout each day, blood flow and oxygen levels increase, improving concentration and lifting our mood; increasing our metabolic rate so we feel less lethargic. Our quality of sleep increases. Our bones, muscles and nervous system need movement to stay healthy, right down to a cellular level. The opposite of movement is stagnation and nothing survives in a stagnant environment.  

What is mindful movement?

 Movement and exercise should not be a chore or another task on your to-do list. By becoming more connected, present and embodied when you move, you experience a true appreciation of your efforts and how well our moving parts move together, you realise your potential not only in body but in mind as well. By being more in tune and present when you move, you are more likely to notice imbalances and prevent injury. Mindful movement creates opportunity to increase and develop qualities such as compassion, kindness and curiosity.  

Start where you are

We are all individuals, different forms of movement appeal to each of us. Yoga, dance, running, pilates, gym, cycling, the list goes on. Find something you enjoy and that feels good. Keep it simple, build up intensity and duration gradually and safely. Simply start from where you are.  

Try some yoga sun salutations

Sync each movement with one breath, embody each movement and notice where you feel it within the body


Listen to your body like it was a prized possession

If you leave a car in a garage for months on end, what happens? It seizes up, the battery dies, dust gathers and fuel goes rancid. On the flip side if you drive it too hard and don’t refuel or give it the mechanical attention it requires, you’re in big trouble. Think of your body as your most prized possession – stay in tune, keep it going and enjoy the ride.

If you would like some guidance on choosing the best form of movement for you and where you’re currently at we’d love to help. Get in contact or come and try some classes, we have an introductory offer to help you get started where you can attend 10 days of classes for $19.

Get moving :)

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