corporate yoga & mindfulness workshops and classes

Tailor designed workshops available upon request in studio or in workplace

Topics may include -

  • workplace/practical mindfulness

  • mindful movement in the workplace

  • breaking up your workday to improve productivity and better collaboration

  • meditation

  • yoga

Hourly rate for workshops $120

corporate wellness classes

Upon request

Classes available -

  • Yoga

  • Pilates

  • Functional fitness (e.g. 30 minute HIIT or similar)

  • Meditation

Per session cost for corporate classes $120

Private clients in studio

We offer private 1:1 classes in Yoga, Pilates/rehabilitation, Personal Training

Limited times available, depending on studio space availability and teacher availability

$90/hour class

Mobile classes also available upon request for an increased fee

Studio space hire

Limited times available for studio hire for private use.