About em

About Em

Hi, I’m Em or Emma, I don’t really mind. I am a health, fitness and wellness professional. Physical activity has been a significant and instinctive strategy in my own physical, intellectual and emotional growth.

My journey in the health, fitness and wellness space began over 15 years ago as a personal trainer. As an energetic, enthusiastic and somewhat naively ambitious 21 year old, I started my first business, a group outdoor fitness business. This doorway gave me the privilege of working with people from all walks of life and I developed such a passion for working with people through the medium of movement and gained continual satisfaction of witnessing the wealth of outcomes achieved— in some cases taking 'non exercisers’ to full marathon runners. Including myself!

Meanwhile my passion for health and wellness saw me seeking a form of movement that worked more than just the physical body. I discovered, explored and developed a personal yoga practice and subsequently completed my yoga teacher training qualification. I now have a deeper understanding of movement and how moving mindfully we derive a greater benefit than fitness and strength alone.

Education and credible knowledge in a noisy world of contradictory information is increasingly important. While running my PT business, I returned to study an Exercise Science degree at Deakin university.

In late 2017 I was lucky enough to have the opportunity of a lifetime, to pull all my passions together and open my own studio - Studio Torus, a yoga and pilates studio, also specialising in run coaching and fitness based classes. I believe movement should be functional to how we enjoy and go about daily life. And this is the message and backbone behind Studio Torus classes and training.

I believe I personally take a caring and intuitive approach to prescribing and delivering exercise. This approach, has led to the development of the Studio Torus brand and ethos which is educated and empowered clients who enjoy and feel the amazing dramatic benefits of movement.