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our philosophy

Our philosophy is about empowering you to take control of your physical, mental and emotional health. By giving you knowledge, encouragement and the skills you need to create strength and stamina of mind and body. 

We believe yoga, pilates and running are the are the perfect vehicles to create stamina and strength; balance and stability, within the physical body that translates perfectly to the qualities we also seek for the health of the mind and the mental capacities we need in everyday life. 

All three modalities require presence and intention, two principles often overlooked in our busy lives. When you step into the Studio Torus space, bring intention to why you’re here and what you want out of each workout/practice. Stay present by remaining mindful of your intention and keep awareness of your breath and how that breath syncs with the movement of your body. So, when you leave the space, you do so with space and clarity, energy and strength.

All Studio Torus classes promote exercise that is functional to everyday life, what we mean by this is - what you do on the mat or in your running shoes can help you function better in your day to day activities. Our busy and fairly sedentary lives have left us vulnerable to injuries, commonly of the postural muscles and/or low back.


Classes Overview

Our yoga, pilates and running based classes are designed to complement each other, for example by learning to breathe well and becoming more aware of your breath in yoga, this translates really well to conditioning the cardiovascular system to run; by strengthening your core and creating a more stable pelvis in pilates, you massively decrease your risk of injuries, commonly encountered from running and (surprisingly) yoga.

Our classes are suitable for beginner to advanced levels. Our teachers are qualified in training you as an individual with the group setting. It is important however to let the teacher know about any injuries or changes to health so they can give you modifications, regressions, progressions

Finally, at Studio Torus we believe the social side of exercise is a key ingredient to you maintaining your routine for the long term and gaining the results you want. The people you come across in the studio, whether that be teachers or fellow members are your secret weapon to success.

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Meet Studio Torus founder Emma Somerville