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Learn to run, re-learn to run and/or improve your current running technique and efficiency in any of our running classes.


Physiologically, running will strengthen your cardiovascular system, your muscles, bones and joints, and because we run outdoors you will get your daily dose of vitamin D.

Psychologically, running will build your mental strength and determination and the satisfaction you experience when you achieve a running goal is an amazing thing you can do for your emotional health.

Studio Torus is a qualified running coach. Our instructors will teach you to run safely by educating and conditioning you on correct technique and a gradual increase of training load. For those who have built a base, you will develop pace and efficiency through technique and drills.

Our running coaching technique sessions and endurance run sessions are suitable for any fitness level, no one will be left behind.

We highly recommend you compliment your running with pilates and/or yoga or some form of strength program.

All running classes are suitable for ages 14 and older, so feel free to sign the teenagers up!


Receive running coaching that includes strength and conditioning specific to running, however these exercises are similar to pilates and will benefit other sporting activities and everyday life. Each class also includes running gait drills and interval drills to build stamina and condition the body to run. Each class is suitable for beginners to advanced as you can go at your own pace and work to your own potential. 


The focus of this class is on endurance and stamina. Suitable for beginners to advanced. It's about learning to pace yourself and build efficiency. This means for beginner's there will likely be some walking and there is nothing wrong with that. Learning and conditioning the body and mind to run should be a gradual process. Enjoy seeing yourself improve each week, learn how to push yourself through some discomfort and  be able to identify if you're carrying any imbalances that may lead to injury and what we can do to prevent injury. By making the regular commitment to running with others in our classes you will feel a sense of determination and physical and mental strength and stamina.