The opposite of movement is stagnation, nothing survives in a stagnant environment

Movement is crucial to how we function throughout each day, blood flow and oxygen levels increase, improving concentration and lifting our mood; increasing our metabolic rate so we feel less lethargic. Our quality of sleep increases. Our bones, muscles and nervous system need movement to stay healthy, right down to a cellular level. The opposite of movement is stagnation and nothing survives in a stagnant environment.

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Everyday meditation – you’re probably already doing it

Have you ever all of a sudden noticed how bright and warm the sun is on your skin? Or how perhaps lately you noticed how vibrant the autumn leaves were as you were walking or driving by? When was the last time you realised how tight your muscles feel so you stopped what you were doing to stretch or give your shoulders a massage? I’m sure you would have encountered these experiences at some point recently, if so, you have practiced meditation.

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How to react to daily stressful situations - BREATHE

Do  you remember, as a child, a situation where you were all upset and overwhelmed, and your mum, dad, grandma or perhaps primary school teacher gently commanded you to ‘take a deep breath’, ‘you’re okay’? You did what they told you to do and before not too long you were back out there running around, having forgotten what had you so worked up.
One big diaphragmatic breath, communicates to every cell in your body that you are safe

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