Try yoga and pilates at Studio Torus: A cosy light-filled yoga studio in the heart of Blackburn

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Yoga classes

Flow Yoga

Our Flow Yoga class is a Vinyasa style of yoga practice, a Sanskrit term that translates to ‘flow’ and refers to a dynamic sequence of movements, synced with the breath.

With an emphasis on correct alignment, body awareness and an understanding of bringing intention to your time on the mat, this class will enable you to build physical and mental strength and stability.

You will develop the capacity to create space and to calm the mind, a skill too often taken for granted in our busy lives.

Slow Flow

A slow flow of movement with an emphasis on being fully aware of how each movement occurs and what is happening with each movement. By slowing down and being mindful we can identify areas of imbalance and restriction and work into those areas in a way that works just for us, we are all built uniquely different, understanding our uniqueness is key to finding our true physical, mental and emotional capabilities.

Yin Yoga

Most of our activities are yang in nature, strong and energetic, go, go, go. To achieve optimum health of body and mind, we need not forget the yin to our yang. Through the practice of long held postures, yin yoga provides that opportunity, targeting the deeper fascia (connective tissue) of the body, nourishing the tendons, ligaments, joints and bones and inviting you to slow down and create a place of calm.

Yin, Release & Restore

A combination of traditional Yin poses and myofascial release techniques. Aimed at releasing tension trapped in the muscles and connective tissue, perhaps as a result of sporting activities or the way we hold stress and anxiety in the physical body. However these practises will benefit far more than the physical body. The mental and emotional body and mind will be left feeling nourished, spacious and free.

Gentle Exercise & Yoga for seniors

An exercise class designed for older adults who may feel overwhelmed by the prospect of a gym setting. We use chairs and props to bring the ground a little closer to us. We focus on improving and maintaining balance and stability, crucial for fall prevention. We aim to improve and maintain strength and posture; we also stretch and practice some relaxation techniques.